Resin is a liquid product for a variety of rocks and environmentally friendly cementitious surfaces - the properties of this product create a protective layer of invisibility against acid rain, soil particles, sunlight, moisture, moss, grass, etc., which causes Increase durability after use with these products.

This product is used to absorb maximum formulation, so it can be used as a completely invisible coating, invisible protection of surfaces, waterproofing, and waterproofing of rocks and cementitious layers of stable coatings on porous bed surfaces, regardless of Whether a natural surface such as stone, concrete, brick, clay, frame, floor or wall coverings, facade, colored or painted materials or ceiling tiles are all in the scope of this product and are contaminated by Rain or splashes of water is washed away.


 Exemplary levels

Concrete blocks

Calcareous stones


Porous granite stones

Marble and marble rocks

Roof tiles (facade)

Applicable to clay and clay



Insulation and sealing

Cement pools

All types of cement sculptures

Types of stone walls

Painted walls

Gypsum walls

Cement blocks

Stone flooring

Paving and sidewalks

Tile executed in the view


Advantages of using

Protect surfaces from pollution

It does not appear to affect the surface (thickness of the layer from 100 to 150 nm)

Ultraviolet protection

Resistant to abrasion

Easy implementation, quick absorption

Resistant to washing up to 60 bar

Highly stable against frost

Absolutely colorless and odorless

Protection against mosses and fungi

Suitable for all weather conditions

Avoid Airborne Damage

Resistant to temperatures up to 450 ° C

Without any change in the physical and chemical structure of the base surface (permanent protection of surface texture)

Clean up quickly and easily with spray only

High resistance against wear

Suitable for any type of industrial and mineral porous surfaces